I'm in the business of

Creating Memories


A meaningful gift that will last forever

Many record special moments.

Few share special moments!

Treat your guests to a cinematic experience—sharing the journey towards your big birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other special event. Moving visuals and imaginative editing, accompanied by a soundtrack of your choosing, make a Richard Read Video unique in every way.








Special Projects


Why Richard Read?

Read has been in the entertainment arena for more than twenty years and has met and worked with some of the best-known faces in the industry. He has enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at what works in a world that is all about image. Read has created videos for both business and personal events collecting treasured photographs and videos, breaking them into stunning visual segments painstakingly cutting every frame to music that is meaningful to the client.

Richard Read will do the same for you.



To start, we’ll have a detailed conversation that includes information on the event, the date, participants and the venue. After finalizing our agreement and we agree on the film concept, you will forward as many photos and videos as possible along with description of the subjects and events pictured. You will also provide suggestions of music that is meaningful to the “star” or “stars” of the video that will provide the film’s soundtrack.



The term of engagement should be a minimum of six weeks. That includes time for collecting and selection of the materials, conceptualizing, a rough cut edit, client’s notes, final editing and delivery.  



DVDs work best for most, but final video can also be sent .mov on Dropbox.



Quotes upon request and dependent on length of film.